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Why Settle for Boring Keynotes

In a world where keynote speeches often blur into a monotonous drone, Dave stands out by infusing each talk with a vibrant human touch. With an artful blend of humor, satire, and tangible real-world marketing applications, they transform the typical keynote experience into an engaging, enjoyable journey. Far from the dull lectures that attendees might dread, Dave crafts sessions that not only enlighten but entertain, making complex concepts accessible and fun. Whether it's a corporate event or a conference, invite Dave to breathe life into your gathering, ensuring your audience leaves not just informed, but inspired and invigorated.

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Mythical Presentations, Legendary Outcomes

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Conferences & Events

Whether your event is focused on digital marketing, brand strategy, consumer behavior, or the future of marketing in a tech-driven world, I tailor my content to meet your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your conference theme and audience expectations. My presentations are not just about sharing knowledge; they're about creating an interactive experience that inspires, educates, and motivates your attendees to reach new heights.

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Corporate Events

Elevate your next corporate event by inviting me, a distinguished marketing expert, to deliver a keynote that's both enlightening and engaging. My talks are customized to address your company's specific challenges and goals, offering a mix of insightful industry trends, practical strategies, and real-world examples. Designed to inspire and mobilize, my presentations not only share knowledge but also encourage interactive discussion, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within your team. Whether it's digital transformation, brand storytelling, or customer engagement, let's collaborate to make your event a transformative experience that drives your business forward.

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What People Are Saying About the Show

Can he tell a joke, absolutely. Is it funny. No, not in the slightest.
~ My Wife
Oh, bless him. He does try ever so hard.
~ My Mom
I'm actually really impressed the guy can dance as well as he can given his girth.
~ Brian
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A Marketing Maestro’s Mythical Journey

Dave Makin is the founder and a key figure at Nexus 6, a marketing agency known for its non-traditional approach and emphasis on humanizing marketing. Influenced by the film “Blade Runner,” he aimed to create an agency that brought a more human element to marketing, which he felt was missing in the industry.

His visionary leadership and storytelling acumen garnered him a spot among the Top 100 Marketing Leaders, a recognition of his innovative strategies and impactful narratives, alongside the award for Best Marketing Company in America. He would go on to be named Who's Who in America by Marquis Who's Who and also take the title of Man of the Year from the Top 100 Registry.

He sold Nexus 6 to venture off in search of his next adventure and take up the mantel of Chief Mythical Officer.

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