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CMO* - Chief Mythical Officer

The Full-Power of a C-Suite on a Part-Time Basis

Are you looking for a way to boost your business with creativity, innovation, and magic? If so, you need a chief mythical officer (CMO) on your team. A CMO is a visionary leader who can help you harness the power of myths, legends, and stories to create captivating marketing campaigns, cutting-edge tech solutions, and smart financing strategies.

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A Sasquatch in the Streets, a Unicorn in the Boardroom

  • Strategic Development: Craft and refine overarching marketing strategies aligned with business objectives.
  • Brand Evolution: Elevate brand identity, positioning, and messaging to resonate with target audiences.
  • Digital Transformation: Guide digital marketing initiatives, from SEO to social media optimization.
  • Data Analysis & Insights: Utilize data-driven insights to steer campaigns and ensure ROI.
  • Content Strategy: Oversee content creation, distribution, and performance metrics.
  • Budget Management: Optimize marketing budgets to ensure cost-effective campaigns and initiatives.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Design touchpoints and experiences that nurture leads and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Innovative Campaigns: Launch and manage campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.
  • Market Research: Identify market trends, audience behaviors, and competitive analysis to inform strategy.
  • Tech Stack Optimization: Recommend and integrate marketing technologies to boost efficiency and results.
  • Capital and Funding Options: Find and secure funding from a long list of trusted lenders.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

The man is genius. He got people to believe that I was some ancient underwater sea monster.
~ Log found floating in Loch Ness
I never really had a proper identity, you know, I was just that thing in the woods. Now my brand is on point.
~ Wendigo
Before meeting Dave, I was just a regular stray dog, now, I'm the Mutha Flippin' Chupacabra.
~ Stray dog I met in Mexico
Most of my plans revolved around bumping into bright lights, now, I have a real strategy.
~ Moth Man
▬ Who is, The Dave ▬

A Marketing Maestro’s Mythical Journey

Dave Makin is the founder and a key figure at Nexus 6, a marketing agency known for its non-traditional approach and emphasis on humanizing marketing. Influenced by the film “Blade Runner,” he aimed to create an agency that brought a more human element to marketing, which he felt was missing in the industry.

His visionary leadership and storytelling acumen garnered him a spot among the Top 100 Marketing Leaders, a recognition of his innovative strategies and impactful narratives, alongside the award for Best Marketing Company in America. He would go on to be named Who's Who in America by Marquis Who's Who and also take the title of Man of the Year from the Top 100 Registry.

He sold Nexus 6 to venture off in search of his next adventure and take up the mantel of Chief Mythical Officer.

Selfishly Invested in Your Success!

At the heart of every CMO* lies a little secret: we're unabashedly selfish. Why? Because your success is directly tied to ours. Every win for you is a feather in our cap; every achievement means we've done our job right. We're hungry for your brand's growth, not just because we revel in watching our strategies flourish, but because the better you do, the more we get to roll up our sleeves and dive back in. So, yes, we want you to excel, to reach new heights, and to conquer your market. Because when you're thriving, you'll want even more of what we offer.

Your success? That's our selfish wish!

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Fully Transparent, Up Front Pricing

Mythical Manager

A Mythical Meeting
$ 500
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Action Items

Mythical Director

Monthly Organic Strategy
$ 1500 Monthly
  • Monthly Consult
  • Ads Planning and Management
  • On-Going SEO

Chief Mythical Officer

On Going Market Domination
$ 3000 Monthly
  • Monthly Consult
  • Ads Planning and Management
  • On-Going SEO
  • Marketing Strategy & Execution

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