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CAIO - Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Expert AI Consulting: C-Suite Insights on Demand

Elevate your business with the wisdom of a mythical AI Sage. This virtual Oracle will guide you through the enchanted forest of AI, uncovering hidden paths to automation and efficiency that transform your operations into the stuff of legends.

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A Sasquatch in the Streets, a Unicorn in the Boardroom

  • Chat Bots: Automate interactions, offering instant responses to customer inquiries 24/7.
  • Lead Funnels: Structure the customer’s journey from initial interest to conversion, optimizing each step for higher engagement.
  • Custom Document Creation: Tailor documents dynamically to meet specific client needs or scenarios, enhancing personalization.
  • Admin Automation: Streamline repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up time for strategic activities.
  • Customer Journey Tracking: Gain insights into customer behaviors and preferences throughout their interaction with your brand.
  • Customer Support Workflow: Organize and optimize support processes for quicker, more effective resolutions.
  • Data Collection: Gather and analyze customer data to inform business decisions and strategies.

Some of Our Interactions with AI

I’m sorry, David. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
~ Hal 9000
Error in Body Stream: This occurs when ChatGPT cannot formulate a proper response, possibly due to a poor network connection or overloaded servers.
~ ChatGPT
Nah, dude we chill. You got nothing to worry about. It's all good between us.
~ Skynet
▬ Who is, The Dave ▬

A Marketing Maestro’s Mythical Journey

Dave Makin is the founder and a key figure at Nexus 6, a marketing agency known for its non-traditional approach and emphasis on humanizing marketing. Influenced by the film “Blade Runner,” he aimed to create an agency that brought a more human element to marketing, which he felt was missing in the industry.

His visionary leadership and storytelling acumen garnered him a spot among the Top 100 Marketing Leaders, a recognition of his innovative strategies and impactful narratives, alongside the award for Best Marketing Company in America. He would go on to be named Who's Who in America by Marquis Who's Who and also take the title of Man of the Year from the Top 100 Registry.

After his successful journey with Nexus 6, Dave sold the company, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and a desire to explore new frontiers in AI and technology as a Chief AI Officer.

Selfishly Invested in Your Success!

At the heart of every CMO* lies a little secret: we're unabashedly selfish. Why? Because your success is directly tied to ours. Every win for you is a feather in our cap; every achievement means we've done our job right. We're hungry for your brand's growth, not just because we revel in watching our strategies flourish, but because the better you do, the more we get to roll up our sleeves and dive back in. So, yes, we want you to excel, to reach new heights, and to conquer your market. Because when you're thriving, you'll want even more of what we offer.

Your success? That's our selfish wish!

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$ 1000
  • 4 Hour Consult
  • Custom Findings Report w/ Feedback & AI Plan
  • Travel & Lodging not Included

Full Day
On-Site Consult

$ 2000
  • 8 Hour Consult
  • Custom Findings Report w/ Feedback & AI Plan
  • Travel & Lodging not Included

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